Wednesday, August 27, 2008

russia & georgia -- don't be reactionary

communists wanted to purge reactionaries... and they might have had a point. reactionary people are inherently weak and vulnerable to be killed in a battle.
if a fight must be had, it's always better to be the attacker.
I worry about georgia right now for many reasons.. most importantly, we need to focus on afghanistan, iraq, iran -- and maybe even north korea. georgia's only relevance is its oil pipeline. and, if the russians decide to march south again and cut off the pipeline, are we willing to stop them? the only lever we'd control at that point would be the rather heavy hand of nuclear war.

they know this. that's why they attacked. they were very cleverly proactive. they have chosen this battle at this time. (also when our next head of state is still being decided.)
if we decide to respond to their provocation now, we are being blindly reactive... learning the rules as we flail around.

we are fools if we decide to fight their terms. reaction is not a good policy in a company, a war or geopolitics. it's better to fight them when we can be proactive and choose the battleground.

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