Thursday, July 17, 2008

a better new world order

I dont have time for much now, but this is how the USA should change its foriegn relations.

we should seek a strong alliance and collaboration with iran. .. this helps with oil prices and in afghanistan and iraq.
we should seek a strong alliance with russia.

we should withdraw troops from europe and korea, moving them to africa and iraq.
we should maintain control of iraq.

we should disband nato and recognize europe is now a more likely foe than ally. without the USSR, a united europe becomes the enemy of the other atlantic power. for most of the last 400 years, that meant the UK, which worked for centuries to prevent any single power from consolidating control in europe. now, the US plays england's role, needing to prevent the rise of a collosus.

ultimately, europe is supported by mideast oil and a very sound teutonic currency. it is a clear challenge to the established american power. over time, conflict of some kind with europe is inevitable. we should accept this now and move on. in the new world, we need to maintain our power and relevance. we need to think about working productively with other countries based on shared interests. the US and iran actually have many shared interests linked to the shared need of stability in afghanistan and iraq. we need to be bringing things to the table and serving the interests of other countries. we need friends right now, and could easily shift perceptions in our favor.

china is another long-term rival. while we shouldn't pick any fights with china, they will be our adversary in many ways. we'll gradually cede more military power in the region to them as well. that's why I think it's time to get out of korea. they already don't want us. why not let china deal with controlling north korea? I dont see how it's our problem anymore.

it's time to start thinking of this new global order.

also jim cramer today said the government should issue treasuries and then buy mortgages for 70 cents on the dollar. it will establish an exit price for banks and create a light at the end of the tunnel.

he also suggested ending ethanol and promoting natgas... I agree with both.

he also warned that if the govt doesn't follow some of his ideas, very hard times lie ahead. I agree.... and, I dont think congress or anyone else will act with the kind of celerity we need right now. I do think we've already entered the death spiral of a vortex ... like a space ship slowly being pulled into a black hole. the closer we get to collapse, the faster the process will become. we're still in the early stages of the collapse of the US's dominant economic stature.

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