Monday, March 3, 2008

another man on the moon

one of the things that most established JFK as a visionary for the future was his ambtion to land a man on the moon. FDR electrified rural america and harnassed millions of gallons of water into massive power plants.

they had a concrete idea of the future and gave people a sense of striving for it...

america needs another message like that. instead of embracing everything that's wrong with the economy, why don't we think of ways to start building now what america needs to be in 20 years?

everyone knows we need to make real strides in protecting the environment... why doesn't someone just say: let's do it.. let's end our dependence on oil and coal for good. let's find a way to massively expand the amount of solar panels and windmills -- a new TVA plan...

I am daring america to think about committing to end all oil imports in 5-10 years. let us be the world leader in this key issue.

why not use government money to build concentrated solar installations to feed into the grid at select places across the sunbelt... why not then look to sell them in coming years? why not commission a study of how much land in the country's desert interior that could be used for solar power? there must be millions of square miles.... why not let the government have its own source of revenue making electricity? another TVA?

already, electric utilties, mainly coal-fired plants, account for 40% of c02 emissions. they will have to spend billions over the years. why not create a financial mechanism that allows them to profit from investing in solar, wind, wave and geothermal?

I am talking about a huge, ambitious plan... more details to come soon on the numbers...

then we need to start digesting this message: an end to ethanol... another terrible idea that must be eliminated.

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