Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the tricorder is born

I recently found a story that has attracted virtually no attention. garmin has created an iphone-type device that serves as a phone, gps, camera, blackberry and mp3 player. it uses google's new local search capability, so you can find local businesses easily just walking down the street.

it amazes me how little attention this device has gotten. if it's well-recieved, this product could become as universal as the ipod. on that front, it would serve to benefit GRMN and add to AAPL's recent woes.

but aside from that, the change in how we live our lives will be enormous. this device will allow people to live in a new world of both freedom and information. I am having trouble expressing why this is so important, but it is. just like there was a world "before TV" or "before the internet".. there will be a world before everyone had convenient access to everything from everywhere all the time. these are it's final months....


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