Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ending the blaze of gun fire

the sad case of Khiel Coppin in brooklyn highlights the broad problem of trigger happy police.

some may say the problem is racism in the police ... even tho that probably has some lines of truth, it's the real cause of the problem. the real issue is that multiple police officers emptied entire magazines into another human being. while they might technically be able to justify it with fear of what he was carrying, going 100% to the max isn't necessarily right either.

I think the worst thing about these situations, like the other one in the bronx a few months ago, is that multiple cops fired vast amounts of rounds. where's the need for these kinds of extremes.

I fear it is natural once they start shooting. that's why we need to introduce scale into the use of force.

I propose that all patrol cars carry some kind of nonlethal weapon such as rubber bullets etc and that one of the 2 officers must use that weapon, while the other uses the pistol.

the nonlethal weapon would be fired first. if it doesn't work, he dies.

this way, the suspect can still be killed if needed. but the nonlethal device, such as a taser, or beanbags in a shotgun... will neutralize the perceived danger.

it just seems that the first shot fired shouldn't be a lethal one. the cost is too high, and error too possible.

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