Wednesday, October 10, 2007

more on healthcare

some census data:

there are roughly 60mln americans now aged 7-22,
versus about 80mln people aged 42-62
and 40mln aged 7-16
there are probably another 12-15mln under the age of 7

next we need to find how many people in the USA work in healthcare:

there about 13mln people in healthcare:
ambulatory facils 5.5mln
doc offices: 2.2mln
outpatient ctrs: 500k
home healthcare: 934k
hospitals: 4.6mln
nursing, resid care: 3mln
nursing care facil: 1.6mln
social assistance: 2.4mln
child day care services: 800k

overall, it seems there is plenty of opportunity for young people to participate. one would imagine nursing homes and home care will have the largest growth in coming years.

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